Sheldon Bell Sheldon Bell


Who he is:
Sheldon Bell is an established Toronto Photographer specializing in Artistic Nude Photography.  

He developed his photography skills as a lifetime enthusiast originally shooting with film and developing his work in the darkroom.  Over the last several years Sheldon has fine tuned his skills, shooting portraits, landscapes and travel editorial while working with many top photographers in Canada and the US. His portfolio includes many of the country’s most acclaimed ballet dancers.

For much of his professional life Sheldon was the C.F.O at several major Canadian and international companies.  During that time he used his skills in leadership, direction and creativity to resolve business issues.  In 2010 he was inspired to hang up his suits and ties and bring those same skills and creativity to world of photography and art. 

His Vision:
Today Sheldon's focus is artistic nude photography;

Artistic nude photography is the portrayal of the nude female form in its most natural state with minimum embellishment of makeup, clothing or styling.  His images portray a woman's beauty and power.  They showcase  the human body in a way where its strength, character, erotic features and even weaknesses are captured in the most pleasing way. Elevating the stature of the model is the very principle of his Photography

For more information on Sheldon's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, modelling, personal portraits, Boudoir photography or to just say hello.

+1 416.420.7720